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Carla Skin Clinic Laser Uses Powerful Advanced Technology To Overcome Various Facial Problems. Our Lasers Are Divided Into Several Types, Including:

C3 Whitening Laser

Serves To Brighten The Face And Some Areas Of The Body Such As Underarms, V Area And Lips.

C3 Anti Aging Laser

This Laser Uses Carbon Which Functions To Stimulate Collagen In The Face So That It Makes The Face Brighter And Glowing And Can Disguise Wrinkles.

C3 (Pigment/Tattoo) OFF Laser

This Treatment Serves To Remove Spots, Melasma And Tattoos On The Body.

C3 Acne Laser/ C3 Scars Laser/ C3 Pores Laser/ C3 Eye Wrinkle And Eye Bag Laser

The Functions Of This Laser Include:

  • Reduces Acne On The Face
  • Covering The Scars On The Face
  • Shrink Facial Pores
  • Reduces Wrinkles On The Eyes

C3 Stretch Marks Laser

To Reduce The Appearance Of Stretch Marks On Unwanted Body Parts.