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The History



Established since 1980, Carla Skin Center has been present with the best service in your treatment. years is not a short time we have spent with you. Your criticism and suggestions are a reference to always improve yourself.

Now in the year , Carla Skin Clinic is committed to coming up with new faces and innovations, towards a better development. This change is a form of our gratitude to you, and all those who have faithfully supported us to this day. Now we have changed our name to Carla Skin Clinic.

What sets Carla Skin Clinic apart from others:

The years that we have passed have been a lesson for us to further improve ourselves and seek the latest innovations. Together with a team that also has decades of experience with us makes us more trustworthy. Because it is able to maintain patients who are full of loyalty to date.

Not only that, we are also supported by sophisticated and modern equipment. Many collaborations with the world’s leading brands and have been licensed by BPPOM. We offer the best quality just for you.

Our clinic also has the best quality and the best service which always starts with the best smile for every customer. A team of doctors who have quality and experience who have treated hundreds or even thousands of patients, as well as a team of selected beauty therapists who will make you more comfortable and want to come back again.

Innovation and Motivation:

All these changes and improvements are our commitment to be able to provide positive and better things in the future.

All creatures are created perfect, it’s up to us to take care of them. This is what makes us even better. We bring together the latest science and technology for your perfection.

Welcome to our new faces!


Carla Skin Clinic “Age Differently, Age Gracefully”.